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Our impact

Thanks to the support of our partners and funders, we’ve grown tremendously over the last few years. Our food donation platform currently has over 1,600 business, charity and volunteer members and we are beginning to expand our work outside of our home base in London. We’re now redistributing 5 times as much food to good causes annually as we were in 2015.

We work with a wide range of businesses throughout the supply chain from food growers and producers to caterers and local bakeries. Over 50% of the food we redistribute is fresh, nutritious food including fruit & vegetables, meat, fish, dairy and eggs.

Learn more about the businesses and charities that we work with by downloading our latest impact report:

‘’Plan Zheroes has been a lifeline for us. The quality and quantity of the food we’re able to serve to the homeless and those experiencing food poverty has increased exponentially… It’s so nice to be able to prepare food for our guests that’s fresh and not processed.’’

– Alexander Brown, Director Soup Kitchen at the American International Church