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Our team

Chris Wilkie
Co-founder & Chair

After retiring from a career in broadcasting, Chris met Plan Zheroes’ co-founder Lotti Henley when they were both volunteering for London Citizens. He was amazed by her energy and enthusiasm and by her desire to do good work in the community. Together they worked on several campaigns for London Citizens, and when they met Maria Ana Neves the core Plan Zheroes team was born! From its beginning as a hopeful group of volunteers, Chris has seen Plan Zheroes grow and develop into the successful charity it is today. There is so much surplus food available – we just need to do our best to get it to those who need it!

Dee Vadukul
Business Development Manager

Dee comes from a background in clinical pharmacy, managing prescribing budgets and helping to shape the landscape of the local NHS via national directive. On a quest for a career-change moving away from the healthcare sector, Dee first came to hear of Plan Zheroes when she project managed Wok For 1000 – a mass cookery lesson in Borough Market, with the purpose of raising awareness about food poverty, whilst coordinating the cooking of 1000 meals which are donated to local charities. Dee has enjoyed the transition from Antibiotic Guardian to Zero Food Waste Hero and manages relationships with new businesses and charities wanting to connect with each other. She is also working hard to diversify methods of generating revenue – watch this space for more news!

Agnese Giardini
Operations Manager

Agnese arrived in London in 2020 with the Erasmus Program, to study Social and Political Science, and immediately fell in love with the city! She has been working with a small company based in Los Angeles since 2021, focusing on organising virtual and in person cooking classes; that’s when she found her passion about food. It comes with no surprise that her favourite place in the city is Borough Market, where she met Plan Zheroes and started her journey as a volunteer in 2022. 

Tash Dillon
Social Media Manager

Tash has worked in the charity sector for a number of years now and started volunteering with Plan Zheroes in 2020. This year Tash started working on Plan Zheroes social media channels. Tash is so passionate about making sure good food doesn’t go to waste and is determined to encourage even more people to become Zero Food Waste Heroes one Instagram post at a time!  

Louise Spearman
Fundraising Manager

Louise comes from a corporate and events background, but in 2020 she career changed into the charity sector as a corporate fundraiser. After volunteering for Plan Zheroes for a few months, Louise started working for us as our Fundraising Manager. Having witnessed food poverty all over the world, Louise is passionate about ensuring that no good food goes to waste. Louise loves building relationships with businesses and supporters, and is determined to get enough funding to expand Plan Zheroes across the whole of the UK, and who knows – maybe even the world! 

Wendy Duncan

Wendy has worked in the food manufacturing industry for over 20 years and has expertise in product design encompassing technical, nutritional and sustainability aspects of food. She is currently working for Unilever Food Solutions (UFS), the dedicated foodservice business of Unilever and responsible for product innovation and renovation, including food labelling and food policy compliance. She also leads the sustainability agenda and activities for UFS UK & Ireland, with a focus on health and wellbeing, sustainable sourcing and food waste. A key priority is driving awareness, monitoring and reduction of food waste in the hospitality and foodservice industry and is an active member of WRAP and a Chair of one of their food waste taskforce. She is passionate about food and hates to see it wasted.

Mike Eisenberg

Professionally, I am a highly driven and successful executive with more than 15 years of providing analytical insights, advising senior leadership on strategy & operations, managing cross-functional teams, mentoring and developing future leaders, creating go-to-market strategies and enhancing corporate productivity. I have lived and worked in New York City, Washington D.C. and San Francisco for professional services firms including Alvarez & Marsal, Bates White and SRR and technology firms including Salesforce and Splunk.  In addition, I was on the Board of Trustees at AIWF in NYC and San Francisco, a non-profit created to advance the understanding, appreciation and quality of what we eat and drink.  With educational programs run throughout the city, we educated children on the importance of healthy living and the origins of our food.

Personally, my wife and two sons are the the most important aspects of my life.  In addition to spending time with family, I volunteer frequently, enjoy cooking (I studied at a cooking school in Washington D.C.), travel extensively and strive for a healthy lifestyle including taking family hikes, training for triathlons or engaging in family ski adventures.