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Update from our Chair: Pepper tries to steal the show

June 20, 2020

Sally Butcher at the Peckham restaurant Persepolis told us she had made some Feijoada (a black bean stew) that she wanted to donate to a charity. Not only did she prepare the food specially – it wasn’t surplus – she also gave a box of sweets to Divine Rescue, the charity that collected the stew, as a treat for their volunteers. Such a kind gesture, and thoroughly deserved by Divine Rescue. They are always so reliable in collecting the food and grateful to receive it.

Divine Rescue also benefited when Camilla from Pieminister at Borough Market had a faulty freezer. She got in touch to say she wanted to donate a large amount of frozen fruit and juice, perfect for making smoothies.

We also had a call from the Hammersmith Academy, who had five crates of Pret a Manger sandwiches to donate. The Headmaster even took the trouble to deliver them to the charity Look Ahead when he heard they didn’t have the staff to collect the food. So 10/10 for him this week and no detention.

Before cinemas reopen and you rush to see the latest blockbuster, here is a nice film for you to watch – a lovely interview that Dee gave to the Real Junk Food Project. Dee is a natural in front of camera and so is her cat Pepper, who puts in a cameo (cateo?) performance.

As you will have seen from our latest fundraiser mailshot, some people have been having problems making donations. This is very disappointing, as we are working so so hard to make the campaign as engaging as possible. Dee spent the greater part of yesterday afternoon on the phone to the Charities Aid Foundation, who manage the donations for us, and we hope they can fix the problem very soon. In the meantime, we have changed the donation link on our social media site to this (our regular donation page) so donations to Lotti’s birthday fundraiser can be made there.

On a happier note, you may remember that our lovely Borough Market volunteer, Kristen, kindly nominated me for the 2020 Guild of Food Writers’ Inspiration Award. They announced the winners on Tuesday and I was so shocked I nearly fell off my chair when they read out my name. I needed copious amounts of alcohol to sedate me but don’t panic, I drank responsibly. The award will give Plan Zheroes a real boost in terms of publicity and we will be working together with the Guild to help promote each other’s work.