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Thank you Lloyds Banking Group!

June 07, 2023

Thanks to the fabulous people at Lloyds Banking Group in the City, who did a volunteering/team building day with us last week.

They took part in our Great Surplus Food Hunt, encouraging businesses to donate food using our platform. We arranged the activity as a competition, with three teams vying to score the most points, and they really entered into the spirit of the event with lots of energy and enthusiasm.

They provided us with lots of new leads, including the Moorgate branch of the Coop, which has already begun donating surplus food. They persuaded some businesses to donate food on the day and even bought some food themselves to donate. In total they amassed an amazing 47.65 kg of food, which we took to Borough Market to supplement our evening collection. 

If you are a business that would like to to take part in a fun team-building activity that also helps to get food to people in need, please get in touch at