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Children with Voices

September 16, 2022

Children with Voices are one of the many community organisations who benefit from our surplus food collections at Borough Market. Here’s a bit about what they do:⁠

“As an organisation rooted in the Black Caribbean community, we have come from the community we serve. Our focus is therefore on the residents, providing services and experiences for low-income and vulnerable people. Many people we serve have struggled over the last two years, with their health, bereavements and with poverty. Children with Voices’ main objective is to try to alleviate food poverty and hunger within the borough.⁠

We also improve the lives of young people aged 5-16 through the development of skills in healthy eating, mentorship and providing a safe space for them to express themselves through our childcare service Jumping Beans and Young Ambassadors which helps them in personal development and keeps them away from ‘postcode wars’ and holiday hunger.”⁠

If you’d like to get involved with Plan Zheroes by rescuing surplus food and getting it to people who really need it, email⁠.