Please consider supporting our work: with your financial support we can get even more food to vulnerable people.

How You Can Help

You can help in many ways

Food Businesses

Any food business from cafes, supermarkets, wholesalers to catering companies, airports or even stadiums can quickly and safely donate surplus food. All donations made through the platform are covered by our Food Donation and Collection agreement with the charity who claims your food. Simply create an account and post your donations online to inform nearby charities of food you have available. If a charity can use your donation they’ll claim it, and pop round to collect at the time you’ve stated!

Want to find out more? Just contact us at or call us on 07505 617 844.

Charities & Community Groups

If you’re a charity or community group you can create an account on our platform to be informed about free donations of surplus food available near you. Usually donations will need to be collected, but in some cases volunteers or businesses may be able to help with delivering food. When you claim a donation, you’ll be asked to sign the Food Donation and Collection agreement which states you’re responsible for adhering to all legal requirements and best practice obligations regarding the collection, preparation, distribution and disposal of the food from the point the business hands the food over to you.

Want to find out more? Just contact us at or call us on 07505 617 844.


Plan Zheroes offers different ways to get involved with solving food poverty so you can choose what best suits your availability, interests and natural talents.

  • Move food: sometimes food needs to be taken from a donor to a receiver, but neither have the means for transportation. Here’s where you come in.
  • Spread the word: find businesses who want to do good with their surplus food and find charities who could make use of it.
  • Build relationships between charities and businesses and help them through any challenges. If you’re a real people-person, you’ll be a great Zheroes Linker!

The more people we have to help us, the more food we can get to people in need.

Just click Sign up to register as a volunteer and we’ll be in touch to discuss what best suits your availability, interests and talents. If you want to find out more please call us on 07505 617 844.


If you’re a business or an individual who would like to help charities by collecting and delivering food for them by car, bike, or even public transport – we would love to hear from you! Charities are often strapped for resources and it always helps when donations of food can be dropped off to them!

Want to find out more? Just contact us at or call us on 07505 617 844.


We appreciate that there are so many worthy causes and we believe that Plan Zheroes is up there with the best of them! Funding means we can increase our reach, inspire more businesses and charities and make sure that more food goes to people who need it, so that no good food goes to waste. If this is a meaningful cause to you, do not wait to donate whatever is possible for you.

Part of our work is to build networks and communities of people interested in helping to solve these problems. The other side of our work is to gather reliable facts and evidence about surplus food, its impact on communities, who is living in food poverty and the best ways to make good use of this available resource. If you can help Plan Zheroes, but have questions, please get in touch.